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Jeane Carlos

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I am a Software Engineer Intern @ Amazon

Hello! My name is Jeane and I am a Math major at St. Johns University. I jumped into the amazing tech world in Fall 2017 after entering my first major hackathon by JP Morgan Chase. Somehow... my amazing team ended up jumping in the air as we won the entire hackathon! A few weeks later we were reached out for an opportunity to intern at JP Morgan. This was my insanely lucky break as a newcomer into the tech world!

My story continues in 2018, where I've attended and won at hackathons in UPenn, Princeton, Microsoft, Colorado Boulder, NYU, and a couple more! Each time trying out new technology - mobile, web, blockchain, OpenCV - and each time making new awesome friends.

I look forward to all the cool things I'll learn at Amazon this semester and all the new opportunities that open up in 2018-2019 to build cool stuff!

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9 out of 11

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Facebook's Choice

University of Washington

400+ Participants, Oct 2018

Haven is a mobile app to help sexual assault victims record their assaults without pressure to report anything until they feel comfortable. The app was inspired from recent politics regarding #MeToo and Dr. Christine Ford's sexualt assault testimony.


Microsoft's Imagine Cup + HackPrinceton

2000+ Participants, May 2018

My team developed a blockhain medical record platform called OneHealth. We wanted to solve problems involving ransomware, transfer of medical records, and modernizing systems to current technology.

Overall Winner

JP Morgan's Code For Good

200+ Participants, Oct 2017

Refugees and journalists suffer from communications in certain areas that don't have wifi. My team designed a mobile app that delivered information over SMS with additional features to recieve or send emergency alerts.


Aug 2018 - Current


Software Engineer Intern

I am currently interning here on the Elastic Compute Cloud Team (EC2).

Jun 2018 - Aug 2018

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Technology Analyst Intern

I was placed in an awesome Network Engineering team that was starting to transition into developing software to increase their efficiency and bandwith. We developed a user-friendly automation backend in Java SpringBoot for migration tasks, and a strong multi-database querying tool in C# with LINQ.

Oct 2017 - Jan 2018


Software Developer Intern

Coral is a startup based in NYC focused on developing technology in the Caribbean. At my time there I helped kickstart some projects like a real-time bus scheduling app and an educational SAT-like mobile app.

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Web Design

Adobe XD


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Get in Touch

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