JP Morgan's Code For Good - Champion

My First Hackathon

This project holds a special place in my heart because it was my first time entering a major hackathon, and this was also the time when I was literally exploring the world of tech and whether I had a chance to transition into CS in my penultimate year of college.

I didn't think JP Morgan would accept my application because I only had volunteer work on my resume. On the commute to the hackathon, I considered leaving the subway multiple times because I was afraid to compete with other actual CS majors and people from prestigous colleges. Even during the hackathon, I tried to leave but I was stopped by an event organizer who asked "Where are you going?"

For some reason I stayed.... For some reason I had an amazing time with an amazing team.... And for some reason my team won the entire competition and got internship offers from JP Morgan!

On most days the imposter syndrome takes over, but this was an instance where it didn't. This was an instance where I could smile proud as a champion = ).


We.R.C is a hybrid mobile app aimed at helping refugees and journalists in dangerous parts of the world get access to real-time news and alerts even if there is no internet access. We provide as back-ups to Wi-Fi communications SMS and voice. We've also created a web-app for admin users of the non-profit organization, International Rescue Committee.

Note: I am limited in the amount of detail I can share about this hack, but I'd love to share the full story if you're ever interested = ).